Where Nature and Art Come Together in Harmony

I take inspiration from nature and the fundamental elements: Earth, Water and Air, and by adding the fourth element: Fire, I endeavor to combine the skills used by ancient craftsmen and artisans of old together with more modern day methods. I like to create one of a kind highly individual pieces that I hope you will enjoy, and cherish, as I do.

Unique By Design

Handcrafted, unique and very individual creations, carefully forged with passion and good old fashioned attention to detail and design. Featured on this site are a collection of lovingly made hand-crafted jewelry pieces, many of which feature age old techniques (such as Viking Weave) that take many hours to craft created especially for you or anyone on your gift list to indulge!

Working with precious and semi-precious metals, stones, and natural materials I incorporate each item into a unique and distinctive piece of jewelry. To ensure durability and quality, every one of my creations is handmade using only quality materials in my studio located in the heart of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. No piece is ever replicated, assuring you of complete individuality and uniqueness.

My unparalled service, together with competitive pricing is your assurance of quality and value.

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