All of the techniques incorporated into my pieces are all skillfully created by hand, paying careful attention to every piece to ensure that it is unique and of the highest quality craftsmanship.  My aim is to offer a selection of  designs that everybody can connect with personally.

My inspiration comes from two lifelong loves: art and travel, which has turned into a passion for creating jewelry inspired by the places I have visited over the course of my life. Drawing on the natural splendor of the mountains, rivers, deserts, forests, oceans, and sand dunes I have seen and explored, I strive to make each piece echo the landscape that inspired it. Natural substances and phenomenon are the essence of my unique handcrafted creations.

The highest importance is placed on color combination, which can range from invigorating, fun-loving, whimsical, and happy, to serene and tranquil inspiration. Individuality is also one of my first considerations when beginning a new design. The greatest effort is taken to make every item unique, incorporating individual, often unexpected final touches so that each piece says something significant about the person who wears it.